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Fri - 15.12.2017

France: La Bougie du Sapeur, every 29 Feb.

France: La Bougie du Sapeur, every 29 Feb.

A daily that is published once every four years? That's La Bougie du Sapeur, a humoristic paper launched in 1980, which is only published on the 29th of February.

The paper started out as a joke amongst friends but its circulation now tops 200,000 copies. Its name was inspired by a comic book character draw by the artist Christophe, who was born on a 29th of February.

The paper draws its content from real news items that it patches and twists comically. Big novelty of the year: the supplement La Bougie du Sapeur madame.

"The only daily without an interview of Nicolas Sarkozy," announces the front page of the eight edition of La Bougie du Sapeur.

The editorial team of La Bougie du Sapeur is composed of volunteers. There is no advertising so the paper counts entirely on its circulation ."The goal is to save enough to publish the next issue," said Jean d'Indy, its editor.

Source: Yahoo France - Presse News



Jean Yves Chainon


2008-02-29 10:37

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