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Sat - 31.01.2015

The Sun

After The Sun plastered murder victim Reeva Steenkamp unzipping her bikini on its front page on Friday, Twitter exploded with comments from outraged users. The model shot to death by her boyfriend, Olympian “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius, was noted as an activist for women’s empowerment, yet a petition with more than 4,500 virtual signatures argues that her image exemplifies a persisting view “that women are worthless pieces of meat, who aren’t safe from objectification even after their death.”


Kira Witkin's picture

Kira Witkin


2013-02-18 16:43

“We fight for press freedom”: these are the words with which The Sun newspaper accompanied photos of a naked Prince Harry, defying royal aides who had threatened British media organisations tempted to republish the photos with legal action.

Despite having initially complied with requests on Wednesday from Prince Charles’s lawyers not to print the photos, the tabloid decided late on Thursday that it would print them, and explained its decision in an editorial piece published with alongside the photos. The front page article claims that it was in the "public interest" to introduce readers of The Sun’s print edition to images of the third-in-line to the throne playing "strip billiards," “in order for the debate around them to be fully informed.”


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Amy Hadfield


2012-08-24 18:19

The Sun has announced that it will be launching a new Sunday edition this weekend.

"The Sun's future can now be reshaped as a unique seven-day proposition in both print and digital," stated Sun editor Dominic Mohan in an article discussing the launch. "Our readers' reaction to the announcement of a seventh-day Sun has been huge and we won't let them down."

For the rest of this story, please see our sister publication www.sfnblog.com


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Emma Goodman


2012-02-21 13:35

Tabloids have been getting some bad press lately. The press as a whole, and tabloids in particular, have been tarred by the The News of The World scandal; but let's not forget that the tabloid is something of a cultural institution. There are undoubtedly some darker aspects to this type of journalism, but provided they keep things above board, surely there is still a place for the humble tabloid in our newsstands?

UK Sunday tabloid sales have been enjoying a boom period since the collapse of The News of The World, gaining an extra 2 million in sales from June to July this year, as The Guardian reports. So it's clear that the love affair with the tabloid is not over for the British public at least.

The relationship between UK readers and Murdoch's tabloids is a long one and it has endured hard times before.


Katherine Travers


2011-08-23 13:42

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