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Tue - 23.01.2018

the Queen

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Though recent events may suggest otherwise, the British royal family aren’t fans of baring all. A constitutional monarch, the Queen refrains from publicly voicing her opinion on decisions taken by the governments formed in her name or on political issues of national and international significance.

Royal protocol dictates that conversations conducted in a private setting between the Queen and journalists are treated as being strictly off the record. Decades, centuries even, of adhering to this convention meant that BBC correspondent Frank Gardner’s decision to report details of a private conversation he’d had with the Queen took the nation by surprise.

Discussing the extradition of Abu Hamza on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, the respected security journalist revealed: “the Queen was pretty upset […] that there was no way to arrest him [Hamza]. She couldn’t understand why, there must surely have been some law that he had broken. Well in the end sure enough there was.” Pressed by a clearly stunned James Naughtie, Gardner went on to disclose that the Queen has raised the matter with the Home Secretary at the time.


Amy Hadfield


2012-09-26 17:57

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