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Thu - 29.01.2015


In the third instalment of our series of interviews with knowledgeable figures in the wake of the Leveson report, I sent some questions via email to Professor George Brock. Professor Brock has been the Head of the Department of Journalism at City University London since September 2009, and before that spent 28 years at The Times. He is a former President of the World Editors Forum.

Editors Weblog: Do you agree with Lord Justice Leveson that 'this is not, and cannot be characterised as, statutory regulation of the press'?

George Brock: It's not statutory regulation of the press but it does introduce an element of statute where none has operated before. That's not without risk.

Putting the issue of whether or not this regulation should be statutory, do you agree in principle with the sort of body that Leveson proposes to establish?  

Yes, I think it would be an improvement on what has gone before – most particularly the "arbitral arm" which would promise quicker, cheaper redress in cases of defamation of invasion of privacy. The length and cost of cases has been a major issue and tipped the scale too far in favour of big media.


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Frederick Alliott


2012-12-10 17:15

For the second in a series of interviews on "reactions to Leveson,” we spoke with Guy Black, Lord Black of Brentwood, executive director of the Telegraph Media Group, about his initial reactions to the recommendations for the UK news industry contained in Lord Justice Leveson's 2000-page report. Chairman of the Press Standards Board of Finance, and a former director of the Press Complaints Commission, Black proposed a new system of regulation to the Leveson Inquiry in conjunction with fellow Conservative member of the House of Lords, David Hunt. Crucially, it aimed to avoid statutory legislation by relying on civil law through the drawing up of binding contracts that news organisations would sign on becoming members of the new regulator. His plan was largely welcomed by the industry, and he has been described by the Guardian as “the man who turned the Tories against Leveson’s plan.



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Emma Goodman


2012-12-05 13:28

“We fight for press freedom”: these are the words with which The Sun newspaper accompanied photos of a naked Prince Harry, defying royal aides who had threatened British media organisations tempted to republish the photos with legal action.

Despite having initially complied with requests on Wednesday from Prince Charles’s lawyers not to print the photos, the tabloid decided late on Thursday that it would print them, and explained its decision in an editorial piece published with alongside the photos. The front page article claims that it was in the "public interest" to introduce readers of The Sun’s print edition to images of the third-in-line to the throne playing "strip billiards," “in order for the debate around them to be fully informed.”


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Amy Hadfield


2012-08-24 18:19

Narcissistic linking disorder (NLD): an ailment whereby mainstream news organisations link more frequently to themselves than to anyone else. And on average, they do – a shocking 91 percent of the time – despite their best philosophical intentions, according to a recent study by Mark Coddington at the University of Texas, Austin. On the other side of the navel-gazing spectrum, independent bloggers link to themselves only 18 percent of the time on average. Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon reports.

The Guardian News and Media, parent company of the Guardian and Observer newspapers, is expected to announce job cuts in the near future, following publishing losses of about £45m in the financial year ending in March 2012, the Telegraph and MediaWeek report.


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Emma Knight


2012-07-17 18:17

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