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Sat - 16.12.2017

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The paper is in a state of flux as The New York Times Company announced last month that it is selling the paper. There are no buyers as of yet.

“We don't know what the future holds. We know there's a lot of interest from the community. There's been interest locally, and from New York,” said McGrory on Thursday.

Before being appointed editor in December, McGrory was a columnist and former metro editor for the Globe.

McGrory said the problem for newspapers lies in the decrease in revenue from classified ads. He said The Globe once made $160-180 million a year on ads, but is now losing to sites like Monster.com and Craigslist. It launched a paywall in 2011 and now has about 28,000 paid digital subscribers.

Globe spokesperson Ellen Clegg told Dan Kennedy of The Neiman Lab, “We have been trying to find the right balance between the free-sharing culture of the Internet and paid access to premium Globe content.”

However, according to McGrory the Globe and the city of Boston are seeing growth. McGrory hopes the paper will mirror Boston’s changes.

 "I aim to make the sure the Globe captures the moment for what it is and helps spread this prosperity to places where it doesn't normally go."

He sites the paper’s investigative or “accountability” reporting as a key point in the paper’s success, some of which include: 



Briana Seftel


2013-03-25 13:50

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As 2013 approaches, many of us are thinking about what the new year will bring for news organizations.

Ken Doctor

The cycle of reinvention that has been driving newsroom change for the past decade continues to yield new digital tools and tricks, generating some much needed enthusiasm and creating a micro industry for digitally minded journalists and marketers.

Designer Mario Garcia sees 2013 as a year when editors and publishers move into a more practical and positive space, implementing ideas, finding a niche for their printed products and concentrating on brand extension and storytelling.

Among those commentators now gazing into their crystal balls, there seems to be agreement that mobile offers sustainability and it is likely that some publishers will respond by printing their products less frequently in 2013, cutting costs significantly. Even so, the gap between print and digital revenues is still an uncomfortable issue that underpins any discussion about the future. It is this that is currently driving editorial budget cuts and redundancies on even the most forward thinking and digitally focused newspapers.

Raju Narisetti


Cherilyn Ireton


2012-12-17 15:40

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