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Fri - 30.01.2015


Essentially, it's a kind of Foursquare++, where local meets the Internet universe of location-based services (LBS) application with digital check-ins, badges and leaderboards for loyal users via handhelds. What distinguishes The Cincinnati Enquirer's application from Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp, however, is the bacon, according to Poynter.

"Bacon" is a tab within The Cincinnati Enquirer's new LBS application, Porkappolis, in reference to the city's hog packing history, which provides relevant geo-targeted information to the user. The newspaper believes that this is information most effectively gathered and served by a trusted local news authority like The Enquirer.

"I can pull up 'bacon' and click a button and see where all the [closest] happy hours are," said Brian Butts of Cincinnati.com to Poynter. The tab will also include location-aware restaurant listings, news and a calendar of events from the newspaper's website. "It reeks of Cincinnati," he said, "but in a good way."


Ashley Stepanek


2011-02-23 19:20

How do social networks fit into news gathering?

As Martin Langeveld reported on Nieman Lab, "the traditional social network just doesn't work when it comes to news" as Luke Stangel said.

Luke Stangel is the coufounder and chief marketing officer at Tackable, a Palo Alto-based startup tackling this problem by building a standalone social network that "organizes media on a map."

Tackable is an iPhone app-based social network focused on geotagged news photos and captions.

"The Tackable vision is that when breaking news happens, you'll be able to use the app to zero in on the location on the map, and see whether network members have posted photo, video and comments, without needing to have a previous relationship with those people", the article reported.

Tackable has two iPhone prototype apps live in the App Store at moment: The Spartan Daily (designed for the student journalists at San Jose State's daily newspaper) and a general Tackable app. It's doing alpha/beta testing on both.


Federica Cherubini's picture

Federica Cherubini


2011-02-15 17:17

Foursquare has made a deal with Examiner.com to offer local news and reviews to its users in the US, Mashable reported. Foursquare's members will be given access to articles from hyperlocal 'content farm' Examiner.com when they check in to the location-based service.

Examiner.com content on venues, restaurants, events, businesses and landmarks will appear for relevant locations in the Foursquare application, and Examiner.com will also have a branded page on Foursquare.com, where all of the available tips can be found in one place, said a press release. Examiner.com has a presence in 233 communities around the US.

Suzie Austin, senior vice president of content and marketing for Examiner.com, which claims 68,000 contributors, told Mashable that "There will be reviews, recommendations, previews of concerts coming and it will tell you the best place to get a seat."

According to Austin, the deal is mutually beneficial, giving exposure to Examiner.com and free content to Foursquare, so no money has changed hands. Examiner.com is advertising the partnership prominently on its site.


Emma Goodman's picture

Emma Goodman


2011-01-11 12:07

The Kansas City Star teamed up with location-based mobile app Foursquare so readers can "check in" every time they buy a print copy of the newspaper in vending machines and newsstands spread through the city, Editor and Publisher reported yesterday.

User who check in will receive subscription offers, mediabistro.com revealed. Currently, the newspaper is offering "26 weeks of Friday through Monday home delivery for $1.75 a week, which is more than 50 percent off our normal four-day rate," said the Vice President of Audience Chris Christian.

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Emma Goodman


2010-12-06 18:45

Building upon its recent momentum (including a major deal integrating Foursquare functions with the WSJ), Foursquare has announced separate partnerships with The Huffington Post and the Independent Film Channel (IFC) to offer location-based suggestions of places of interest to members of each brand's respective community. Huffington's initial tips include various mainstream retail stores (Hollister Co., Puma Store - Soho), tourist attractions (NBC Universal, The Crown at the Statue of Liberty) and places to eat. The IFC polled users to come up with its first batch of tips. Neither HuffPo nor IFC have indicated whether 'tips' may include sponsored recommendations in the near future.

In April, Huffpo introduced 'HuffPo Badges' to boost reader interaction. The badges are awarded based on user activity and interactivity, so, for example, those who regularly comment on the site or share stories across social networks like Twitter can receive a 'Superuser' badge. Readers who go through flagging inappropriate comments can earn 'Moderator' badges." Last year, the site also launched its HuffPost Social News Network, which prompts readers to log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo IDs.


Colin Heilbut


2010-07-07 14:01

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