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Sun - 01.02.2015

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Its potent mixture of news, celebrity and scurrility propelled it to the title of world’s most popular newspaper website, and figures released yesterday suggest the inexorable rise of Mail Online is far from over. Data compiled by owners Daily Mail & General Trust this morning reveal that digital revenue at Associated Newspapers, which also publishes the Metro and Mail titles, was up 72 percent to £31m. Mail Online revenue for the year to September 30 grew 74 percent to £28 million, after traffic to the site exceeded 100 million unique monthly browsers.


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Frederick Alliott


2012-11-23 17:59

Could there be new hope for print newspaper lovers? Consumer electronics company LG will launch a plastic electronic paper display (EPD) in Europe this April, Mashable reported.

The EPD is 6 inches in size, 0.7 mm thick, scratch-resistant and has a resolution of 1024 x 768, the article said. And, unlike technologies that use glass screens, such as tablets and e-books, LG's e-paper can be bent up to 40 degrees from the center, the article said.

According to Extreme Tech, the display uses e-ink, the technology used in e-readers such as Kindle and Nook. Using e-ink is especially beneficial to manufacturers, the article said.

“Unlike flexible OLED displays, which have been around for a while, e-ink displays are cheap to produce and can run for months on a small battery,” the article said.

ComputerWorld reported in November that both LG and Samsung debuted prototypes of flexible displays at an FPD International event in Japan. While LG’s e-paper used e-ink, which relies on surrounding light, Samsung’s version used OLED, a technology in which pixels generate light when charged, the article said.


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Gianna Walton


2012-03-29 17:03

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