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Wed - 24.01.2018


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The New York Daily News tabloid has launched a new online section which seeks to appeal to the city’s South Asian residents, paidContent reported.

The new section, called “Desi,” features South Asian news curated for an American immigrant audience, including stories about Bollywood, cricket and politics, the article said. The stories found on Desi are a mixture of original content and articles from the digital newswire Newscred, the article said. As we previously reported, Newscred filters content from more than 750 sources around the world, creating personalized bundles of online content for publishers.

NY Daily News Digital Senior Vice President Steve Lynas told paidContent that according to research conducted by the newspaper, second and third generation immigrants demonstrated an interest in South Asian News, but presented through an American lens.

Lynas also said that culture is more of a factor in determining what news people are interested in, implying that the notion of local news in general can be redefined, the article said.

“I don’t see a zip code as a good filter for community,” Lynas told paidContent.


Gianna Walton


2012-04-23 12:55


Celebrity news gets high page view impact. High culture wins credibility. Some newspapers deliver one in order to fund the other, and online news sources are on the same track. The Huffington Post announced that it is expanding in both domains, while USA Today is taking on The New York Times with the launch a book site earlier this week.

The HuffPo Celebrity section is already live, taking over content from AOL's PopEater, a celebrity gossip site. While the PopEater site is still running, it has a huge banner across the top linking to its new home at The Huffington Post. This "new home" is the HuffPo's first official section dedicated to celebrity gossip, although it has always covered fluffy entertainment news. The difference is that now the news will be churned out with more focus and frequency.

Balancing the first announcement, The Huffington Post will also be introducing HuffPo Culture. The new section has not gone live yet, but is promised to fill the space between "the arts and its society", according to the new culture editor, Gazelle Emami. In typical interactive Huffington Post style, the Culture section hopes to extend beyond a news source and become a vibrant forum for debate on highbrow films, books, and art.



Florence Pichon


2011-07-13 15:40

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