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Wed - 24.01.2018

Huffington Post to tune into community conversation with live streaming video network

Huffington Post to tune into community conversation with live streaming video network

"What ticks you off?" @HuffPostLive asked the world in a tweet today, inviting anyone with an answer and a webcam to vlog about it.

Yes, vlog. The Huffington Post is bringing video blogging back into vogue with HuffPost Live 3,2,1... phase one of a plan, unveiled Tuesday, to build a live streaming video network into its website. 

The concept, according to Arianna Huffington, is “to create the most social video experience possible.” 

With the launch of phase two on August 13, the Huffington Post will begin streaming live video from custom-built newsrooms in New York City and Los Angeles (with a satellite studio in Washington D.C.) between 10am and 10pm every weekday, with highlights being aired on evenings and weekends.

The network has hired a team of producers and "producer-hosts" to guide the discussion, and will use social media platforms to track down guests. "We'll take advantage of new media technologies to bring different voices to the conversation," wrote Huffington in a blog post on Tuesday. "Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can instantly join us live," she continued. "Picture a conversation about parenting with mothers in Kazakhstan, Kenya, and Kentucky, talking to us and to each other and to our users live via Skype or Google Hangout."

“People are tired of being talked at; they want to be talked with," she wrote. "The news is no longer about a few people telling everyone else what happened -- it's about everyone telling everyone what's happening right now. And now. And now...”

This statement is in tune with a Gallup poll published on the same day, which reveals that confidence in television news has sunk to an all-time low in the United States. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in light of incidents such as the muck-up by Fox News and CNN in reporting the US Supreme Court's health care decision, only 21% of adults now have "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in the news they watch on TV -- down from 27% last year, and 46% when Gallup started asking in 1993.

But the president of HuffPost Live Roy Sekoff has claimed that the network will not aim to compete with television news, according to the Wall Street Journal"We're not trying to report the news...we are trying to have conversations that the news inspires," he said. 

They are off to a good start: the Huffington Post garners five comments per second every second of every day, and during a spike the morning of the Supreme Court's health care decision, that figure jumped to 32 comments per second, according to Huffington's post.

Today's tweet was intended to encourage this sizeable and vocal digital community to join a more intimate conversation by filming themselves “sounding off” on what they care about, and offering suggestions about what kind of network HuffPost Live should be. Rogi from New Mexico is one of many community-members who have already weighed in:


For more information about HuffPost Live, check the FAQs.

Sources: Journalism.co.uk, Wall Street Journal, Jim Romenesko

Image Credit: Simon Aughton via Flickr Creative Commons

Video from HuffPost Live 3,2,1


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2012-07-12 11:41

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