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Fri - 15.12.2017

Media links of the day

Media links of the day

The Columbian rebel group Farc has announced that they have captured Romeo Langlois, the French journalist who went missing a week ago, reports The Guardian. According to the paper, a Farc representative said that Langlois had been lightly wounded on the arm, but was not critically ill.

An article in the Columbia Journalism Review about a filmmaker who accidentally exposed the details of his sources to Syrian intelligence sources suggests that many journalists still don’t understand how to protect their communication properly in the digital age.

Online journalists can often feel under pressure to produce huge amounts of content, to be published instantly. One consequence can be that copy errors slip through the net. To combat these problems, Poynter has suggested six ways that journalists can clean up their articles.

For anyone looking for some good news, Say Daily has published a list of six ways that digital publishing is getting better.

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Hannah Vinter


2012-05-07 19:38

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