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It's time to innovate, says Juan Señor

It's time to innovate, says Juan Señor

The new competitors for newspapers are not Google, Facebook and Twitter. “The competition is not telling good stories,” says Juan Señor, Partner at Innovation Media Consulting, who wrapped up WAN-IFRA's Publish Asia conference with some insights into the future of the newspaper business.

“Good journalism is good business” is the motto of Innovation, and content-driven innovation is the way to success, he said. But some newspapers are blinded by the latest technology.

“We see lots of companies inject digital Botox into products that have become moribund,” he says.

Mr Señor urged newspaper companies to have confidence in print. “We have to stop talking about the death of print,” he said. “It’s never happened in human history. No medium has ever replaced another medium, but the medium will change."

How will they change? Newspapers in print will become a premium product, more magazine-like, while mobile and tablets will become the mass media.

Here is some of his advice for newspaper companies:

- Editors are important to help people navigate through information overload. “People are looking for editors to cut the blog fog,” he says.

- Journalists should become “journanalysts”, “a journalist really worth reading and paying for.”

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Larry Kilman


2012-04-13 10:28

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