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Sun - 17.12.2017

Storify goes mobile with a new iPad app

Storify goes mobile with a new iPad app

Storify, one of the best-known tools for creating narratives based on social media, announced the launch of its iPad application today, Mediabistro reported. The new app, which is available free on iTunes, is aimed at making on-the-go social media curation even easier than before.

Storify opened to the public less than a year ago, and it has since become well-used way for reporters to organise and present information drawn from social media. As online readers and social media users are faced with a constant flood of information, the need for curation - creating accessible narratives out of the social media content - is becoming increasingly acute.

The new iPad app offers the same basic functionalities as the Storify web app, with two major differences: the touch-enabled, "iPad-like" interface and the ability to send tweets from within the app.

The overall layout of the app is mostly similar to that of the web app, the main difference being that the social media elements from which users choose content scroll vertically instead of staying grouped, Mediabistro noted. According to Poynter, content from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr can be used in curated stories, in addition to hyperlinks.

One of the most attractive features of the new app is the possibility to continue working on a story that has been started on the web app, as the two are synchronised. Moreover, finished stories can be published immediately with the app.

Storify has been present on mobile devices for some time, but until now it has only been possible to read stories with them, not create new ones. The iPad app is thus the first time Storify's full functionality is available in a truly mobile fashion.

The ease of use and mobility could entice even more reporters to taking up Storify: TechCrunch envisioned reporters using the app when, for example, reporting from conferences. The app would allow them to curate social media updates from events while live-tweeting their own impressions.

Even if the interface is iPad native, The Next Web was able to point out a couple of minor issues. Nevertheless, he said that the app is already a better experience than the web app, and the few glitches that exist can be ironed out as updates roll out in the future.

As a meta-twist, check out this Storify story - about the launch of the Storify iPad app.

Sources: Mediabistro, Poynter, TechCrunch, The Next Web



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