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Fri - 15.12.2017

Guardian n0tice plans to split ad revenue with users

Guardian n0tice plans to split ad revenue with users

The Guardian's new community platform, n0tice, has announced new revenue sharing model that will allow users who set up their own online notice boards to share the advertising revenue generated from their board.

The site allows people to create an online notice board that will link them to the rest of their local community. This board can then become a place to advertise upcoming events, buy or sell goods or just share what's going on in the neighbourhood. The service is free, but it costs approximately £1 per day for the ad to be placed in a featured spot on the site, where it will be displayed to users within a one-mile radius of the advertiser's location. The price increases depending on the advertisement's geographical distribution, the size and how long it is displayed for.

Users who host ads on their notice boards will now be able to claim 85% of the revenue generated by these advertisements, the other 15% going to The Guardian. The revenue can be viewed on the 'admin' tab of a user's notice board and there is an option to send all revenue directly to charity.

This revenue sharing model stays close to the idea of "mutualisation" that seems to lie at the heart of The Guardian project - getting readers involved in spreading and making the news so that they benefit from being part of the newspaper's community.

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Katherine Travers


2011-12-13 19:10

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