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Fri - 19.01.2018

Trapit! A new personalised news aggregator

Trapit! A new personalised news aggregator

Are you ready to meet Siri's sister? No, not another shrill-voiced digital assistant, but in fact a new discovery engine, brought to you by Siri's sister company, Trapit. Like the iPhone 4S's voice command technology, Trap.it is the product of technologies developed in the CALO - Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes - project. Trapit is now its own company and has begun raising funds, including seeking capital from Horizon Ventures, one the sponsors of Facebook, Spotify and Siri.

So Trapit has an impressive heritage, being descended from a $200 million artificial intelligence project, but what is it about Trapit that differentiates it from the ever-increasing amount of aggregators and discovery engines out there?

Conceptually it's not so different to Stumble Upon, a discovery engine that learns what you do and don't like. However, instead of flicking from page to page, Trapit simultaneously displays several panels related to different subjects- i.e. the trap - that the reader has said they are interested in or are likely to be interested in. When new information is found about those issues, Trapit updates the feed.

The program gathers information about reader's tastes based on an initial assessment of content chosen from a selection of 50,000 sources. Then the program takes into account the likes and dislikes the users give content, which teaches it even more about your likes and dislikes.

The program is now in beta testing, so users can now sign up for free and begin discovering new personalized content. Will Trapit be as much of a success as its smart-talking sister? Will it be able to fend off competition from other discovery engines and personalized content aggregators?

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Katherine Travers


2011-11-16 17:58

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