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Tue - 23.01.2018

Take n0tice - The Guardian launches a community message board

Take n0tice - The Guardian launches a community message board

Since October of this year, The Guardian has been nursing a fledgling online project in private beta testing; now that project is ready to be unveiled to the world at large.

The Guardian's community notice board, logically called n0tice, has now entered public beta testing and is available for the public to use. The service has been billed by many as the paper's attempt to branch into hyperlocal media; the notice board was described by GigaOm as "part blogging platform, part Craigslist, part communal Twitter stream, part forum, part event listing", yet it still manages to be something akin to the traditional community notice board.

The idea is that users join the network and create their own message boards, the appearance of which can be customized according to the user's preference. The user can then post details of upcoming events, share news and advertise things for sale. n0tice is structured by locality, so those users in a similar area will be able to see the content of all the message boards close to them. In this way, the service operates as a sort of Everyblock-style information sharing operation, with a bit of Craigslist-style hawking on the side.

The potential of n0tice is multifold, however; the n0tice team has even ventured to explore the potential of using n0tice as a live blogging tool for a local audience. The site makes it easy to curate tweets, embed video and update the board as often as necessary.

How will the site make money? There is no cost for users to join but in order to advertise their product/event in a premium position on other users' pages it will cost around £1 per day, dependent on the size of the advert, the size of the geographical region the ad will reach and how long the advert will remain on the site.

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2011-11-16 13:45

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