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Sat - 16.12.2017

Hearst websites are all going HTML5

Hearst websites are all going HTML5

HTML5 seems to be the answer to a publisher's prayers. Why make several websites when you could make one that will resize and adapt its design depending on the device from which you're accessing the site?

Hearst Corporation has heard the good news and converted; it is re-launching HTML5 versions of all its websites, with the 126 -year-old Good Housekeeping magazine being the first to benefit from the redesign.

Those titles that were acquired in the takeover of the publisher Hachette earlier this year will be first in line for a makeover. It is expected that all the websites across the Hearst Corporation will be re-launched in HTML 5 within 6-18 months.

All the websites will include touch-screen enabled elements, for instance a slide show (also known as a rotator) on the homepage of Good Housekeeping, which is manipulate by a mouse click when accessed via P.C. but is touch operated when accessed via smartphones and tablets.

Hearst is one of several media operations who have leapt to the possibilities provided by HTML5. The Financial Times and The Boston Globe have both launched HTML 5 versions of their site in order to get around Apple's mandatory 30% cut of all sales through their app store- and the fact that Adobe flash technology has long been banned from iPhones by Apple. What will Apple make of that?

Interestingly, Hearst has also announced a partnership with Amazon, which means Amazon will become the largest third-party retailer of print subscriptions via digital channels. Amazon customers will have access to Hearst's vast array of content and Hearst will acquire an even bigger base of potential customers.

If Amazon does in fact bring out a tablet of its own, this could prove to be a very profitable partnership indeed...

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Katherine Travers


2011-09-15 17:12

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