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Sun - 17.12.2017

CNN acquires personalised digital magazine Zite

CNN acquires personalised digital magazine Zite

CNN has taken a step towards boosting its personalised content by acquiring the online magazine Zite.

Zite offers consumers the chance to read content which is directly of interest to them, gathered from various sources around the web, in an advertisement free window on an iPad.

Increasingly, personalised content is becoming of more interest to major news outlets, such as CNN. Zite, whose application has been downloaded by 125,000 people, provides the news outlet with technology to "help CNN's websites and apps serve more personalized content, making our current digital services even better", as CNN's General Manager of Digital, KC Estenson stated in an interview with Mashable.

Zite, on the other hand, will not become simply a tool of dissemination of CNN's content. CNN will help Zite "do a wide variety of deals" with other media companies.

Initially, publishers were unwelcoming towards Zite and its ad-free aggregation. However, clearly this attitude has mellowed over time and large media groups are beginning to see the advantages of reader-targeted content.

Sources: Editor's Weblog, Mashable



Katherine Travers


2011-08-31 13:14

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