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Sun - 21.01.2018

Kleine Zeitung launches newspaper for children

Kleine Zeitung launches newspaper for children

It is a truth universally lamented in the news industry, but no one can deny the fact that sales of printed newspapers are declining, with digital formats moving in to fill the space. If the younger generation, like their parents, begin reading news from online sources, where does that leave the future of print?

As inma.org reported, one Austrian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, has seen this forthcoming challenge and launched a pre-emptive strike: they have launched Kleine Kinderzeitung, a newspaper specifically designed for children.

There are already some very successful models for engaging children in current affairs and news in general. Take for instance the long-running BBC institution that is Newsround. The program was first broadcast in 1972, initially known as 'John Craven's Newsround', after its longstanding presenter and editor, the show continues to be aired today.

While Newsround illustrates that child-specific news content can be of interest to children, Kleine Zeitung are bold to take such a project to print. However, it appears that this gamble has paid off for the Austrian publication. As Walter Hausman, a member of the team behind the children's edition, stated: '"Kleine Zeitung is proud of ultimately having developed a perfectly tailored educational and extremely valuable product for the very challenging target group of the youngest readers which has received great acceptance on the market"' .

It is this kind of innovation that is supported by the WAN-IFRA World Young Reader's Prize which rewards "innovative newspapers that have devised, in the judges' opinion, the best project or activity in the past 24 months in one or more of the main areas of young reader development" .

The team at Kleine Kinderzeitung said that its project involved several stage of consultations and redesigns to include more activities, like brain teasers and more user generated, or at least co - generated,content. This venture into printed news for children has become a success with parents, teachers and children alike, the team told INMA.

Sources: inma.org , BBC , WAN-IFRA



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2011-07-27 13:40

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