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Sat - 25.11.2017

New updates to Flipboard set it apart

New updates to Flipboard set it apart

Flipboard, an iPad app that curates weblinks from contacts on Facebook and Twitter, has just updated the app to introduce a content guide and LinkedIn integration.

The glossy new content guide is a visual way to search and browse content. It organizes publications by topics such as News, Entertainment, Travel, and Science. Users can navigate the guide to add publications to their feed, which is now unlimited (it was previously limited to 21). It also highlights popular stories based on how often users interact with them.

Gigoam points out that the new content guide is not generated by an algorithm. A Flipboard editor manually updates the guide with selected digital content, the type of editorial function that newspaper editors perform.

The LinkedIn integration allows users to see what their LinkedIn contacts are sharing, in addition to their Twitter and Facebook contacts. According to TechCrunch, the new feature is useful to allow people to read industry news and brush up on talking points before meetings.

Flipboard is setting itself apart from other digital newsstand apps with its new additions. The content guide will surely propel it even further, connecting users with more digital publications. Publishers should keep their eyes (and content!) on Flipboard.

Sources: Flipboard, Gigoam, TechCrunch

Photo Credit: Weheart.co.uk



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2011-07-01 17:05

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