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Sun - 21.01.2018

Media links of the day

Media links of the day

According to a press release from eMarketer, online ad spending is poised to grow 20% in 2011. Principal analyst David Hallerman cited social media as a key contributor to the spending gains. Although online advertising is exploding, online ads are much cheaper than print advertisement.

Owni.eu has announced the launch of its eBook Publisher. The first book to be released on the OWNIshop is Wikileaks: A True Account.

The release of Sarah Palin's email exchanges as governor of Alaska has been generating buzz recently. Editor & Publisher sums up how different newspapers will approach Palin's emails.

Allowing foreign journalists back into Syria would be the "right move", said Reem Haddad, a spokesman for the Syrian information ministry. Journalism.co.uk reported that the BBC called for journalists to be allowed in after two local journalists working for the BBC were stopped and prevented from reaching Deraa.

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2011-06-10 18:00

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