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Sun - 21.01.2018

The New York Observer redesigns its print and web editions

The New York Observer redesigns its print and web editions

The New York Observer, the Manhattan weekly salmon-coloured magazine, is launching today, June 8th, a redesign of both its website and its print edition.

As Yahoo!'s The Cutline noted, this alone is hardly newsworthy as during the past two years the paper has gone through several changes, getting through three editors-in-chiefs and about as many redesigns in print and online.

According to the article however, the newest top editor Elizabeth Spiers announced that this time the publication is "going back in the direction that it probably should have stayed on".

On the print side Spiers announced that the idea is to go back to treating the paper like a newspaper, albeit in a tabloid format, leaving some previous elements that seemed more suitable for white glossy paper magazine in favour of a cleaner version, more suitable for salmon newsprint.

However, the main changes seem to affect the website in order to give emphasis to long-form articles and adopt a clearer and more readable layout. The paper abandoned its former content-management system Drupal, turning to a lighter WordPress CMS. As the article reported, the new web version will accommodate more breaking news and higher volume posting.

"The new design does little to distinguish between long form features that appear in the paper and long-form web exclusives, which we'll be doing far more of - meaning more long-form altogether, and no assuming that if something runs longer than 500 words, it can only run affixed to a slice of dead tree. But we do also expect that the biggest change will be an emphasis on breaking news and smaller scoops throughout the day", Spiers said to The Cutline.

Long-form journalism has been gaining more prominence recently and paradoxically technology and new ways to consume news are the ones giving it a boost.

During the time of fast and instant news consumption and a strengthening debate concerning the article format in the digital world, for example new apps can support a revival of long and in-depth journalism. The Atavist, a publishing house specialised in long-form journalism, launched an application for the iPad and Kindle that offers articles, individually sold, that combine text, video and background information. You can find out more about The Atavist and its take on in-depth journalism here.

Will long, profound analysis have its revenge in the world of digital news?

Source: The Cutline



Federica Cherubini


2011-06-08 16:20

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