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Sat - 16.12.2017

Mail Online beats Huffington Post in website visitor numbers for March

Mail Online beats Huffington Post in website visitor numbers for March

Mail Online is currently the largest newspaper site in the UK, but soon it could be the largest online anywhere. According to figures from comScore it now ranks second in audience numbers worldwide, reported New Media Age. The only site ahead is The New York Times.

The site beat the Huffington Post, which had 38.4 million global users for the month of March. In comparison, Mail Online boasted 39.6 million. However, neither reached the NYT's 61.9 million users. All newspaper websites in the top ten experienced a growth from February to March. The list can be found here.

This advance can be attributed, in part, to Mail Online's expansion into the US. It took on staff in both Los Angeles and New York, and has been steadily adding US news to its site for the past year. The Guardian also attributes part of this growth to the site's "show-biz-laden front."

From February to March, Mail Online experienced a 27 percent growth in unique visitors. This came after a drop in February. Huffington Post also showed growth at 20 percent. The NYT beat them both with a 41 percent rise, thanks to an extremely eventful March.

The NYT might not be as lucky next month, however. Its paywall was implemented at the end of March, and has been criticized by some. Although users can get to the site for free with its loopholes, recent studies have suggested that they many of them are unwilling to pay for news sites and will actively seek free sources.

Joining Mail Online in the top ten is another UK-based newspaper website. The Guardian came in at number 5, just after The Tribune Newspapers network of websites. It has also been attempting expansion into the US, and sent one of its editors, Janine Gibson, to New York to head its digital operation there.

Going in the opposite direction, US-based Huffington Post has declared its intentions to expand into the UK, and, eventually, into more of the European market.

With these expansions and paywalls, the next month's top contender might not be easy to predict.

Sources: The Guardian (1), (2), New Media Age



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2011-04-19 19:02

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