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Sat - 16.12.2017

The New York Times Magazine to launch redesign

The New York Times Magazine to launch redesign

The New York Times Magazine is launching a new design on March 6, according to a press release from the New York Times Company. A preview of the new design is available on its website.

Making a marked change, the magazine plans on adding new features, new columnists, and some contributions from the newsroom staff of the New York Times. The magazine's site now hosts a blog. The articles will also provide staffers' emails and editors' credits, according to Adweek.

Among the new features will be a regular column written by Times executive editor Bill Keller. Along with columns by already known writers, the magazine will include columns by newer voices. One of these columns is "You Are Here," a look on the differences of life in different parts of the world.

On March 2nd, the site began The 6th Floor Blog: Eavesdropping on the Times Magazine. In its inaugural post, editor Hugo Lindgren explained, "This blog is meant as a humble complement to the magazine -- a place to let readers listen in on the conversations that happen in the office." Several blogs have already been posted on a broad range of topics, from Libya's ties to the British elite, to the question of what makes a good apology.

In addition to the blog, feature articles will have editors' credits, and staffers' email addresses will be published in the magazine. Lindgren stated to Adweek, "The whole notion of what we're trying to do is make the relationship between the readers and people who produce the magazine... part of an exchange." The addition of editor's credits is not a new one. As a critique published on Slate points out, Associated Press, Bloomberg, and Reuters already add these credits to their dry stories. "The editors have a great deal of input on the stories...It's interesting to know who's putting together the magazine," said Lindgren.

Along with the new look, many of the new features are set to appear in the March 6th edition of the magazine.

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