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Sat - 16.12.2017

New French study on media habits

New French study on media habits

"The French are more and more «médiavores» and the traditional media are still competing and withstanding the inexorable wave of new media," commented Le Figaro, referring to the annual study «Media in life» carried out by Médiamétrie.

The study examines daily media consumption, registering the number of contacts that people of more than 13 years old have with one or more media during the day.

The research shows that from 2006 to 2009 the number of contacts with both traditional and digital media increased of 9,7%.

Not surprisingly, the Internet shows the most significant increase with an average of 4.6 contact moments throughout the day, compared with 3.2 of 2008. However, as Les Echos reported, at the first two positions of the podium there are traditional media: television with 15.8 daily contacts and radio with 9 daily contacts.

The same increase in digital media consumption has been shown in other international researches.

Interestingly, Les Echos noted that the printed press, counting 3.2 contacts per day, comes behind Internet, but accessing newspapers' websites was recorded by Médiamétrie amongst the Internet's contacts rather than amongst those of the press.

Traditional media reach almost all the totality of the population (99,2%) and still dominate the media panorama.

Young people (under 30 years old), who have left the family home, use several different media during the day and were described by Le Figaro as "specialists in the simultaneous consumption of several different media." They counted, on average, 11.5 contacts with television, 9.5 with radio and 9.1 with the Internet. Meanwhile, teenagers between 13 and 17 years old are the biggest digital users, using the Internet, a video game or a mobile device 19 times a day, compared to 21 conacts with the TV, radio, or printed press.

Sources: Le Figaro, Media in life via Les Echos, Les Echos
Image source: Médiamétrie via Le Figaro



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