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Sun - 17.12.2017

Trove from The Washington Post: the personalization trend continues

Trove from The Washington Post: the personalization trend continues

Is the future all about personalization?

As Mashable reported, The Washington Post announced it is to launch Trove, an aggregator news site which enables users to get personalized news streams based on their personal choice and interests. The site is currently in private beta and is expected to be launched in March, the article said.

The Washington Post is only the latest in a growing list of news organizations who have created a personalised news consumption channel.

Yahoo! has recently announced the launch of "Livestand from Yahoo!", a digital newsstand and personalization platform which will deliver in a tablet-friendly format, news based on Yahoo content as well as from other publishers.

And AOL has also revealed its plan to launch an iPad app called Editions which gathers personalized aggregated news from around the web.

iPad app that provide comfortable ways to read news on tablets, such as Pulse and Flipboard, are proving popular. The latter was born as an app to provide elegant news reading experience of social media content on the new devices, they started to incorporate news article from traditional sources.

Trove - the Mashable article reported - combines aggregated stories picked by editors, along with the ability for users to select from "channels" they are interested in, through a simple process that asks the reader, "What do you care about?" The aim is to provide users with both what they personally want to know about and what professional journalists think they should know about.

The service is based on a sign-up process, which requires users to connect their Facebook accounts. Like Yahoo! Livestand, Trove will aggregate content from all around the web and not just from The Washington Post.

Mashable argued that The Post, which has invested between $5 million to $10 million in the product, is taking quite a gamble: the idea of personalized news consumptions is not new at all, its social aspects right now feel like a forum and it is far too similar to other aggregation news sites.

"If the site is truly about helping users find the signal in the noise, it will use the selected interests to build more focus in the channels created, rather than continuing to add a stream of content based on the user's interests on the main page," the article said.

Recently, Damon Kiesow on Poynter called for a "Flipboard for news", an apps that "lets me mix a news outlet's original reporting, news presentation and curation with feeds from my social networks" he says.

Is the Washington Post's Trove going in the right direction?

Source: Mashable



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