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Sat - 16.12.2017

Top 2010 trends from Twitter

Top 2010 trends from Twitter

"Twitter has analyzed the 25 billion tweets sent in 2010 and published the list of top overall trends in the year behind us," Mashable reported, "as well as the top 10 trending topics in eight categories: news events, people, movies, television, technology, World Cup, sports and hashtags."

The 10 overall top trends are: Gulf Oil Spill, FIFA World Cup, Inception, Haiti Earthquake, Vuvuzela, Apple iPad, Google Android, Justin Bieber, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Pulpo Paul. Vuvuzela, the plastic horn used during the football match in South Africa, and Paul the Octopus, used to predict the winner of matches, refer both to the FIFA World Cup.

The Gulf Oil Spill and the Haiti Earthquake are at the top of the news events list, followed by Pakistan Floods, Koreas Conflict, Chilean Miners Rescue, Chavez Tas Ponchao, Wikileaks Cablegate, Hurrican Earl, Prince William's Engagement and World Aids Day.

The "Year in Review" list is a trend everybody is doing: Apple released iTunes Rewind, with the top music and apps; Yahoo! provides the 10 top searches of 2010, as Google does with its Zeitgeist 2010, based on aggregation of billions of search queries people typed into Google.



Federica Cherubini


2010-12-15 17:41

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