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Thu - 23.11.2017

Flipboard announces new way to read shared articles on the iPad

Flipboard announces new way to read shared articles on the iPad

Eight publishers have begun to test a new way to browse their shared stories in a specific iPad format through Flipboard's app, Flipboard announced in a press release.

When using Flipboard's app, if they come across an article shared on Facebook or Twitter, readers can double tap or click on a "Read Article" button to display the article in an easier to read magazine layout, more closely resembling the print edition than the standard web display.

The eight news brands, with whom Flipboard has worked to design layouts that make reading their existing online stories more visually attractive and immersive, are: ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Chronicle/Gate, Uncrate and The Washington Post Magazine. This version of their Web page not only has specially a formatted layout, but also loads considerably faster.

Flipboard, launched in July, describes itself as "the world's first social magazine," whose idea is to transpose the tradition of a print product into the online world of social networks. This latest step is aimed at giving readers "a beautiful "iPadified" experience" when browsing their web content, the press release said.

"We believe that the timeless principles of print can enhance the social media experience, not only to make content more discoverable but also to make it easier to read," said Mike McCue, Flipboard CEO.

"Today social networks are on the cutting edge of finding relevance for consumers and advertisers. Flipboard has developed an amazingly simple and powerful tool - easily integrated with existing networks like Facebook and Twitter - to leverage this social dimension for online magazines, newspapers, broadcasters and websites", commented William R. Hearst, a media industry veteran and currently an Affiliated Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, who has officially just joined the company as an advisor.

As the press release explained, to expand this capability to the broader community of publishers, the company has developed Flipboard Pages, an HTML5-based framework that automatically converts web content into full-page, paginated reading experiences when browsing content with Flipboard. In the future, Flipboard intends to make Flipboard Pages available to other publishers and content creators so any socially shared web story can be optionally read in a magazine format.

Many publishers have developed apps for the iPad, and Die Zeit, for example, has created an iPad-optimized website, also using HTML5. Making news available on the iPad should not simply be seen as providing content on a different platform: it is necessary to specifically format and tailor the reading experience to the device to make best use of its multimedia capabilities.

Source: Flipboard press release



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2010-12-06 17:55

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