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Fri - 22.09.2017

The importance of an Apple newsstand

The importance of an Apple newsstand

Poynter's Damon Kiesow has called upon publishers and Apple to create a "real digital newsstand" for the iPad. Kiesow highlights the "confusing array of options" facing the consumer, as publishers choose different ways to make their readers pay.

Last week, Newsweek released an iPad app that allows readers to buy subscriptions through Apple's in-app purchasing system. This is one of the options available to publishers which makes it very easy for consumers to make purchases - it is as simple as clicking a button within the app - but means surrendering significant cash (30% of the revenue) and control (access to consumer data) to Apple. The technology to offer the subscriptions was developed by Urban Airship, according to the New York Times.

Other publications, such as People, have enabled single copy sales via iTunes but subscriptions are still via the publisher. Some have left Apple out all together, meaning that the publisher gets the full value of the sale but it is more complicated for the consumer as they have to enter all their payment details, rather than using their iTunes account.

Kiesow proposes a newsstand - similar to an iTunes for news - that would be a one-stop shop for multiple publications, allowing the consumer to buy single issues or subscriptions, to bundle subscriptions, and to store all purchased issues. It should allow sales via iTunes or a publisher's own circulation system, Kiesow believes, and publishers should be able to set prices.

Apple continues to dominate the tablet market with a 95% share. A survey from ChangeWave found that 80% of respondents expressed interest in buying an iPad, far ahead of the 8% who said they were interested in RIM's Blackberry PlayBook Tablet and the 3% for Samsung's Galaxy Tab, which runs on Android. This situation may well change as more devices with more applications are released, but for now, coming to a satisfactory arrangement for selling content through Apple should definitely be a priority.

Source: Poynter



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