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Fri - 19.01.2018

A24 partners with African Press Organization

A24 partners with African Press Organization

According to journalism.co.uk, the African online news company A24 has just partnered with the African Press Organization (APO). "The deal will see A24 host the APO's wire service, which includes multilingual reports and press releases from governments, political organisations and NGOs," states the article. The agency also provides a free wire service to African journalists.

A24 launched at the end of 2008 and was said to be Africa's first online site for African content while trying to strengthen Africa's media capacity, states newsfromafrica.org. The site sells African video content to different news companies across the world, "with contributors receiving the bulk of the sales revenue and retaining copyright," reports the journalism.co.uk article. Plus, the editorial board includes Reuters' head of global multimedia along with a former executive director at ABC News based in Australia.

Asif Sheikh, A24 Media's chief executive officer, said the partnership "reinforces our desire to continue providing current information both from the government and private stakeholders within the continent to our growing audience," as quoted in the journalism.co.uk article. A24 also partnered with Al Jazeera to its company last September and now contains Al Jazeera's African documentaries, which can be bought through the Web site.

Sheikh also said the merger represents a "powerful endorsement" to make A24 Media the continent's leading center for online multimedia news and "a trusted source for people seeking quality African output produced by local journalists."

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Image: journalism.co.uk (2)



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