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Sat - 16.12.2017

Hyperlocal news in Poland: Gazeta Olsztynska

Hyperlocal news in Poland: Gazeta Olsztynska

In the session on crowd-sourcing and social networks in hyperlocal news during the 17th World Editors Forum in Hamburg, Jaroslaw Tokarczyk, president of the board of Poland's Gazeta Olsztynska presented the newspaper approach in this field.

With their project "116 Communes" they tried to be first online and establish a strong position. Promoting their new online platform through supplements to local publications, social networks and their own channels, they made people aware of the new possibilities to actively participate in journalism.

Winning individual persons and making them so-called local leaders who regularly publish journalistic products, Gazeta Olsztynska generates 80 percent of content on their online platform from users, and only 20 percent from their own journalists. "It's a win-win situation", Tokarczyk said, "we benefit from their journalistic work, while they appreciate the training we provide them with, and enjoy the possibilities the platform offers them for publication".



Annkatrin Stender


2010-10-08 17:54

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