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Mon - 18.12.2017

Working breakfast with editors: "The art-director will run the newsroom of the future!"

Working breakfast with editors: "The art-director will run the newsroom of the future!"

Felix Bellinger, Managing Editor of Hamburger Abendblatt, spoke about how tablet computers will influence journalism during the World Editors Forum working breakfast in Hamburg. When asked: "Who will run the newsroom of the future?" he replied "It will not be the editor in chief, it will be the art-director!" He went on to explain that, with tablet computers, the readers want to have a visual experience, they want to interact, touch and shake their screens. Bellinger moved on to the relationship between print and online: "Online has to be updated, print has to interpret."

Wolfgang Krach, deputy Editor-in-Chief of Germany's largest national subscription paper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, gave a brief summary of German journalism: "Even the language we use is more sober, prosaic, compared for instance to British newspapers." German journalists want to keep their distance and avoid getting too emotional, he said. "German journalism is shaped by German history, mainly by what happened between 1933 and 1945, when newspapers were used for propaganda." Also, Krach said, investigative journalism doesn't have a real tradition in Germany. However, there is one major exception, that is the weekly magazine Der Spiegel. Krach concluded saying "Germany is a newspaper-reading country."

Krach spoke highly of young journalists. "They are as qualified as they have ever been." Those applying for jobs with the daily speak many languages, have already received scholarships and gained crucial work-experience abroad, he said.



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2010-10-07 11:50

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