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Sun - 17.12.2017

Tablets: looking for the right point between stories, technology and emotions

Tablets: looking for the right point between stories, technology and emotions

"Storytelling has found its best new ally in liquid media" argued Alfredo Triviño, director of creative projects at News International. Tablets are a completely different device from websites, newspapers, magazines and books, and Triviño stressed that they have the ability to substitute them: "They offer a bigger choice and the beauty of different levels of engagement."

Tablets are offering customers a combination of entertainment and information, while trying to surprise them. Triviño summarized the tablet experience as unique: "it is about playing, buying and organizing, not only reading".

Work on a new tablet device began three years ago and it is in an ongoing process. According to Triviño, its success relies on envisioning what is next looking at the expectation of the customers while understanding the technological boundaries. "Loading time is critical", for example, he said.

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Naiara Arteaga Taberna


2010-10-07 18:01

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