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Sat - 16.12.2017

Let the tablet come! Denmark is prepared, says Berlingske Media's Annemarie Kirk

Let the tablet come! Denmark is prepared, says Berlingske Media's Annemarie Kirk

Even though the iPad has not been launched in Denmark yet, Denmark's largest publishing group Berlingske Media is already ready for it. At the 17th World Editors Forum in Hamburg, digital business development manager Annemarie Kirk presented how Berlingske Media is approaching the tablet, after a remarkable history of 261 years in publishing.

The company set up a project group with only a hand full of members and a shoestring budget which followed the development of the iPad closely. With most money being raised through print media and the majority of readers being around 60 years old, Berlingske Media realizes the chance to reach young readers and other new target groups through tablets. One of the study group's most significant findings was that users first and foremost want simplicity and their respective, preferred niche content.

As for the question of paid content, Kirk said that for a small country like Denmark it would not be beneficial to have too many different payment models and so the industry is seeking a common solution in order to make it more convenient for Danish consumers. According to Forrester, one third of the US population will own a tablet in 2015. Therefore, even if the iPad has not made it to Denmark so far, Berlingske Media wants to make sure that it will not fall behind on the latest developments and will serve Danish consumers with offering up-to-date journalism and technologies.

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