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Sat - 16.12.2017

USA Today restructures for the future

USA Today restructures for the future

Gannett Co's USA Today will implement "major organizational restructuring with the creation of new departments as well as key appointments in the departments of circulation, finance and news," as confirmed by a press release issued today.

According to David Hunke, President and Publisher of the company, the restructuring reflects "USA TODAY's evolution from a newspaper company to a multi-platform media company." When USA TODAY first launched in 1982, he wrote, "we led the news and information industry in aligning our content with readers and advertisers. I'm confident these key executive appointments in new and current departments will continue our legacy as a vital, valuable media brand across print, digital and mobile platforms."

In an article published by The AP, it described the new USA Today as more digitally inclined. "We'll focus less on print ... and more on producing content for all platforms (Web, mobile, iPad and other digital formats)," a slideshow presentation for USA Today staff reportedly stated. The article also explained that "in separate interviews, both Mr. Hunke and Mr. Hillkirk said the newspaper would not allow its need to generate more revenue interfere with its commitment to the First Amendment or investigative journalism."

The restructuring may be as a result of reduced circulation in recent times, pushing the USA Today from first to second most read paper. However, Jim Hopkins on Gannett Blog, thinks the move will not do anything to increase profitability. "Yesterday's reorganization," he said, "tells us virtually nothing about how the ad department's ongoing restructuring will boost revenue... and relies on so many people with relatively little serious news-gathering experience."

Five new departments, Business Development, Product Development and Design, Vertical Development, Digital Development and USA TODAY Sports have been created, and about 130 layoffs will also be effected. "This is pretty radical," AP states Mr. Hunke as saying. "This gets us ready for our next quarter century."

Source: USA Today press release, The New York Times, Gannett Blog



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2010-08-27 18:26

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