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Sun - 21.01.2018

Facebook offers useful tips for the media

Facebook offers useful tips for the media

After some independent analyses of 100 media sites, Justin Osofsky of Facebook Developers has shared tips on how news organizations can get the best out of Facebook. "We recently set forth to learn how news organizations can best use Facebook to (1) drive growth in audience and traffic, (2) increase engagement, and (3) gain valuable customer insights," he said in a blog post on the site.

Under the first category, that of driving growth in audience and traffic, the 'Like' button plays an important role. Already noted by editorsweblog as a useful tool for news publishers, websites have increased chances of click-through rates when thumbnails of friends are present, and when comments are allowed. Click-through chances are also increased when the 'like button' is situated in very visible areas like top or bottom of page, or close to visually exciting content, Osofsky said.

Statistics from Facebook Pages confirm that "stories published in the early morning or just before bedtime have higher engagement." Status updates which ask simple questions, alongside emotional/passionate stories, sports and debates also get high feedback.

For increased engagement, the activity feed and recommendation plugins, Live Stream Box, and search API are recommended to ensure a higher amount of clicks. Focused sub-pages also get more attention than mixed main-pages. Awareness of the social aspect of spreading information on the internet and how to do so has been on for a while, and interest in Facebook Connect, for example, has been growing as a way to attract visitors.

The Facebook and Media page offers more findings along with detailed tips, and Facebook platform showcase gives practical examples of how to integrate your website with Facebook. Considering recent studies which showed consumers as more satisfied with newspapers than with Facebook, these pages are proof of Facebook's commitment to work with - rather than compete with - the media, and ensure the most is made of available applications and services. As Osofsky summarizes, "We're committed to being the platform that helps sites build social and individualized experiences across the Web. Today, we're sharing some early findings and beginning a broader dialogue."

Source: Facebook Developers



Dawn Osakue


2010-07-27 14:31

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