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Fri - 24.11.2017

ABC Global News: literally

ABC Global News: literally

ABC News has launched a new iPad application letting users find out current events by hitting on any area of the globe they are interested in. This links the user directly to a news item on the newspaper website.

'Spin, Shake, Touch, Filter, Save, Share, Engage' are the keywords used to present the software.

As the iPad seems to be living up to its popularity and expected hype, it has become necessary not only for the media to be present on it and to its numerous users, but to focus on originality, especially for those news organisations who are attempting to charge for their apps.

Recently launched apps such as Flipboard, for social media, and Apollo, for news personalisation, show how fast the iPad world is changing and what news outlets have to compete with.

Source: PaidContent.org



Dawn Osakue


2010-07-22 11:39

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