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Sun - 17.12.2017

Flipboard steals the best of two worlds?

Flipboard steals the best of two worlds?

Dubbed the world's first social magazine, the new Flipboard app for iPad combines the two things we are all addicted to: Facebook and Twitter; and in a way that is "a whole lot prettier," according to Claire Cain Miller of The New York Times.

By signing up to the magazine users can 'unclutter' both Facebook and Twitter accounts, and have 'clearer vision' of their updates and tweets through the use of tiles (see video here)

Facebook seems to have fallen a bit out of favor according to recent statistics, so Flipboard could be the perfect touch at the right time in terms of maintaining popularity. Facebook and Twitter are undeniable centers of communication and are the modern day word-of-mouth agents, central to driving traffic to news websites, especially through the exchanging of links between friends.

Articles are more likely to be read and credibility of a news report is increased when recommended by a reader's social circle. Before the recent privacy issues on Facebook, alongside Twitter the two social networks were even reported as being preferred by consumers to traditional media (see here for more on this report).

Backed by investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Index Ventures, could Flipboard be positioned to be a winner? CEO Mike McCue promises efforts will be made to ensure ads appear more pleasant and less annoying to the Flipboard user. This is a relevant development since ads have been found to be a source of dissatisfaction, backfiring against both the advertised product and the website involved.

The Apple iPad application is currently available for free.

Source: The New York Times



Dawn Osakue


2010-07-21 17:07

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