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Mon - 18.12.2017

HuffPo acquires pollster.com

HuffPo acquires pollster.com

The Huffington Post has recently bought pollster.com, a site that is dedicated to the aggregation of poll data, reports the New York Times. HuffPo's purchase of the site comes on the heels of its purchase of adaptive semantics, a company that focuses on learning and sentiment analysis. While CEO Eric Hippeau claimed that the acquisition of Adaptive Semantics did not signal a buying spree for the company, its acquisition of the polling site certainly signals that the HuffPo is taking a more aggressive position in political journalism.

Commenting on the acquisition, Arianna Huffington said, "it's going to beef up our political coverage. Polling, whether we like it or not, is a big part of how we communicate about politics. And with this, we'll be able to de it in a deeper way. We'll be able to both aggregate polls, point out the limitations of them and demand more transparency."

Similarly, the New York Times acquired a political polling site early last month called FiveThirtyEight. With upcoming midterm elections this November, the NYT and HufPo surely hope that their acquisitions of these sites will give them an edge on political reporting.

Moreover, the HuffPo plans on adding 4 more reporters to help them cover the midterm elections. HuffPo also recently announced a new partnership with Foursquare.

While after his acquisition of Adaptive Semantics Hippeau said he would be "opportunistic" in future business ventures, this second acquisition could be a sign that the HuffPo is willing (and capable) of assuming a stronger presence in the media landscape. Given its unique quality as a more blog-based news source, the HuffPo has already shown that its approach is not only viable, but also capable of attracting a large number of readers (considering that the site generated 2.8 million comments in May alone). At any rate, now that the HuffPo has begun to take a more aggressive approach, it should be interesting to see how they continue to develop in the future.

Sources: New York Times



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2010-07-08 16:47

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