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Sun - 17.12.2017

Google News personalization upgrade has gone live

Google News personalization upgrade has gone live

Google's latest move in its ongoing campaign to "save the newspaper industry" is the addition of a sophisticated personalization system across all its Google News sites. As the NYT's Nick Bilton explains, "What if you woke up every morning to find a customized newspaper on your doorstep?" The system, called "News for you", offers a stream of local, customized and socially edited content. Google's announcement follows a series of free, powerful, new features that the company has been adding to Google News over the last two years. Past upgrades included the ability to digitally flip swiftly through articles from different sources and a quadrupling of its archive of historic news. See the end of this article for a video walk-through of the "News for You" feature-set.
Google's announcement included the following breakdown of system featues:
News for you": a stream of headlines automatically tailored to your interests. To give the system your initial reading preferences, click on the "Edit personalization" box to specify how much you're interested in Business, Health, Entertainment, Sports or any subject you want to add. You can choose to view the stories by Section view or List view, and reveal more headlines by hovering over the headline with your mouse. The system uses cookies and 'Google Accounts' to remember your preferences each time you log in. For privacy enthusiasts, there is also a one-click solution to avoid customized Google News. Selecting "Reset personalization" will clear all personalization preferences. If you haven't previously customized and would prefer not to, simply close the "Edit personalization" box.
Before the Upgrade
After the Upgrade

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