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Fri - 15.12.2017

USA's #1 Spanish language news publisher adds behavioural tracking

USA's #1 Spanish language news publisher adds behavioural tracking

ImpreMedia, the largest Spanish-language online and print news publisher in the US, has decided to partner with behavioral tracking specialists at DailyMe in an attempt to more fully capitalize on the internet traffic passing through ImpreMedia's servers, according to a press release. The solution that has just been deployed is known as Newstogram and it combines unique profiles on more than 25 million users to improve news relevancy and personalization to engage the readers and improve their experience.

The Newstogram system operates transparently in front of ImpreMedia's news sites, tracking and analyzing the news users read at a elemental level to understand each particular visitor's tastes and purchasing patterns. The software does not gather personally identifiable details about users. The information with this process enables ImpreMedia to both offer individualized news recommendations based on each user's news interests, and to more fully understand their audience when it comes to content, e-commerce and advertising.

"We value our audience above all else," said Monica Lozano, CEO of ImpreMedia, whose publications include El Diario and La Opinion. "The ability to now offer a highly personalized experience on our site is critical to meeting consumer needs. By implementing Newstogram, we have a detailed understanding of our user's interests and a better way to present content that promotes site engagement plus marketers looking to reach Hispanics will now have enhanced ad targeting. The news industry is changing, and new technologies like Newstogram are going to keep us ahead."

DailyMe's Newstogram seems interesting in terms of the scalability, level of detail and variety of functions it provides. That being said, it is not without competition. No less an expert than Google is slowly making its way into the business of news personalization platforms. As recently as the end of May we last heard Google was experimenting with advanced news personalization solutions. The greatest unknown right now is how close Google may or may not be in bringing a product to the market. For the time-being, DailyMe is well ahead in the game and generating impressive results across the largest digital Spanish-language news network in the United States.

Source: MediaPost



Colin Heilbut


2010-06-23 18:09

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