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Mon - 18.12.2017

Poll shows Americans trust Facebook and Twitter more than traditional media

Poll shows Americans trust Facebook and Twitter more than traditional media

A recent poll has revealed the news sources that Americans most trust, reports Reuters. And surprisingly, traditional media ended up on the bottom of the list, under social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Nearly half of the 2,100 adults surveyed said they trusted the three big technology firms (Google, Apple, and Microsoft), while 8 and 13 percent trusted Twitter and Facebook, respectively. Only 8 percent of adults and 6 percent of young adults said they trusted traditional media.

John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International, the conductors of the survey, said companies like Facebook and Twitter have not had the time to build a brand identity. Meanwhile companies like Google and Apple are more trusted because they have been able to build a corporate identity.

Moreover, the poll reports that young adults aged 18 to 29 have higher trust levels in Facebook with 20 percent and Twitter with 15 percent. Zogby also commented on the importance of privacy to consumers, saying "I think to a great degree, it's all about privacy." Yet Google, one of the most trusted sites in the poll, has been criticized for its Street View cars, which collect some private information by using WiFi while taking photographs for its online mapping software. Also, Facebook has been criticized for its recent change in privacy policy. Zogby's statement is particularly surprising as tradition media, the news source that presumably would provide the most privacy, came out on the bottom of the list.

This poll, however, does re-enforce the idea that consumers are moving toward digital media. But particularly, they are moving toward digital corporate media. Given that consumers trust corporate media sources so much, perhaps newspapers should do more to take on the same public characteristics as companies like Apple. Certainly, the app is one way that newspapers have already started going about this, but judging from the results of this survey, the app is not enough.

Surprising as this poll is, it could help struggling journals find a future direction. The qualities that make Google and Apple distinctive are somewhat intangible, yet powerful nonetheless. While it may be difficult for journals to develop that kind of image on their own, perhaps aligning themselves with these companies would allow for that consumer trust to rub off onto journals. Regardless, this poll is certainly an intriguing insight into the future direction of the media.

Sources: Reuters



Carole Wurzelbacher


2010-06-23 16:13

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