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Thu - 23.11.2017

Poynter Online highlights importance of smart phones for reporting

Poynter Online highlights importance of smart phones for reporting

The importance of smart phones for journalists in the modern world cant be underestimated. Ed Medina, writing for Poynter Online, recently explained how his smart phone came in handy when he found himself in the middle of a story as it was breaking.

While cycling to work one day Medina "stumbled into a real news story" related to an FBI bust related to failed Times Square bombings which later "dominated national news." Medina provides an account of all the ways in which his smart phone helped him communicate with his news team in order to capture the story.

Upon arriving at the scene Medina states that using his phone, he was able to immediately document the scene and relay it to his colleagues. He writes, "My first instinct was to snap a photo of the scene with my iPhone and e-mail it to our continuous news desk."

After documenting the scene, Medina was able to provide his news team with information on how to get to the scene using his smart phone. He also discovered that one witness had videotaped the arrest. Within a short amount of time Medina's news team arrived. Using all the data he collected, his "job was to relay the information I had to [them], and get [his] staff into the story as fast as possible."

Overall, Medina's smart phone proved to be an important tool for collecting and relaying information to his team. While a reporter can never be sure that they will be in "the wrong place, at the right time," Medina's experience that a smart phone is essential should a reporter find themselves in the middle of breaking news story. Smart phones also have tremendous potential to make the average citizen a reporter at any moment: something which amateur photojournalism agencies such as Citizenside are using to their advantage.

Source: Poynter Online



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2010-05-19 14:19

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