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Fri - 15.12.2017

Guardian.co.uk launches new front page

Guardian.co.uk launches new front page

If visiting Guardian is part of your daily routine, you may have noticed a couple of changes on their website's front page. The Guardian just launched a redesigned front page today.

Although the changes made to the front page of the second most-visited newspaper website in the UK are extremely subtle, Janine Gibson, editor of Guardian.co.uk, wrote a blog post to explain why some minor tweaks were needed.

Here are some of the highlights from Gibson's post.

First, Gibson says that the Guardian.co.uk needed to be redesigned so it would adapt to the new uses journalists are giving it. Today, the newspaper is producing a lot more video and multimedia than it used to, and they want to make greater use of photographs. The old page layout restricted the use of video. The redesign definitely highlights the importance of multimedia content in Guardian's online edition.

Second, the new trending area of the front page contains links to the key subjects of the day and points readers to the best resources for each topic.

Third, the blogs are being integrated as regular content, so the "Our blogs: Join the conversation" section has been removed. They are now just featured as regular content, one in one with articles.

Gibson explained that "this is much an evolution of our front," adding that the digital newspaper had to "break some of the rigidity around (its) format to better reflect our live coverage or other multimedia or what our communities of users are saying."

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