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Mon - 18.12.2017

Fashion magazine Grazia publishes highly interactive 3D issue

Fashion magazine Grazia publishes highly interactive 3D issue

Grazia, a European women's fashion magazine is set to release a special '3D' edition of its publication, the Guardian recently reported. Readers who purchase the magazine will be treated with a highly involved 3D experience, using augmented reality codes.

A Belgian newspaper, La Derniere Heure, also recently released a 3D edition, the difference being that it employed the use of 3D glasses.
When placed in front of a webcam or an iPhone, Grazia's augmented reality codes will allow readers to watch a virtual concert of the British band, Florence and the Machine and see a 360 degree view of the latest fashion trends. Readers with an iPhone will be able to take the interactive experience one step further with an application that, among other things, allows readers to interact with the bands lead singer, Florence. The magazine's editor, Jane Burton, described the magazines 3D features as "stunning."

The complexity and level of technology incorporated into this fashion magazine is representative of a growing tend among publications who are trying reach out and engage their readers with an interactive experience across the spectrum of media outlets. It remains to be seen whether the novelty of such a 3D experience will successfully draw customers. Readers will undoubtedly be surprised by the concept of a 3D magazine but it seems likely that publishers will find that the production costs prohibit making the effect a regular trend. The Guardian's article didn't state how much Grazia spent on this issue, but La Derniere Heure noted that its less flashy attempt at 3D was incredibly expensive.

While the 3D element draws more attention to the magazine, Grazia's decision to incorporate web cams and iPhones into the reader's experience says something about how the magazine is trying to embed itself in the lives of its customers. Grazia's interactive 3D extravaganza is good answer to the question posed by publications of how to effectively attract and increase interaction with customers.

Source: The Guardian



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2010-03-23 15:06

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