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Fri - 15.12.2017

Bloomberg's new BusinessWeek set for re-launch

Bloomberg's new BusinessWeek set for re-launch

Bloomberg media recently revealed a redesigned version of its recently acquired weekly publication, BusinessWeek. In adopting what MediaWeek described as a "bullish" strategy, the new version will feature more content including a "leisure/arts" section, and the number of annual issues will increase from 47 to 50.

BusinessWeek, first published in 1929, has existed for nearly 80 years but came under considerable economic strain as a result of the recent finical crisis. Bloomberg acquired the magazine in December of 2009, with the intention of using it as "a platform to extend the Bloomberg name and reach a mass audience."

The redesigned magazine will include shorter articles that allow the magazine to cover more content. Additionally, there will be a greater focus on personal storytelling and editorials similar to those found in the Economist.

BusinessWeek's attention to what the Economist does well. is not unsurprising. The magazine is highly regarded for both its' quality and continued success during the economic crisis. In addition to BusinessWeek, both Time and Newsweek have attempted to emulate The Economist through their own re-design efforts.

The hope is that these changes will attract a wider audience. Darynda Jenkins, of TM Advertising, views the changes as a way to publish "business stories that aren't the same old [ones] you see across all the titles," according to MediaWeek.

Source: MediaWeek



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2010-03-08 18:22

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