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Fri - 22.09.2017

Three ring structure allows refocus: Tony Joseph of Mindworks

Three ring structure allows refocus: Tony Joseph of Mindworks

"Absolutely essential" is how Tony Joseph, CEO and co-founder of Mindworks Global Media describes the need for editorial outsourcing.

Joseph, who spoke today during the first session of the World Editors Forum, illustrated the necessity for outsourcing and described its ability to alter cost-structure. Joseph believes outsourcing can lower costs while still maintaining the "core proposition."

"Up to 75 percent of a news desk's regular daily editing can be outsourced, in our experience" Joesph says. The 25% that remains in house is selecting stories, re-writing, and choosing where they go. "To significantly alter core-structure, outsourcing is key," Joseph stressed.

Joseph also explained the "three-ring-structure" strategy, a system already in use, that he believes can "do more with less": the topic of this year's forum. The structure consists of three layers that make up the newspaper staff.

The innermost ring of the system contains the in-house staff of editors and reporters. The second ring consists of the outsourcing team; copy editors, design team, and page layout. The outer ring is comprised of the community, who can contribute observations and updates from their local areas.

Joseph says this design allows you to do more for your community and better prepare and refocus for the future. It is this preparation that Joseph says is the biggest gain of editorial outsourcing.

Obviously newsrooms will have concerns over maintaining quality and loss of control, and Joseph believes that the way to combat these issues is to take the process slowly, and he suggested dividing the process into several specific goals and move forward only when these benchmarks are met. Mindworks carefully tracks what Joseph calls "the alignment process."

Mindworks expects four or five large groups to announce or implement editorial centralisation and outsourcing in the next few months of 2010.



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2009-12-03 05:59

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