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Sun - 17.12.2017

Aroon Purie: the key to investigative journalism is passion

Aroon Purie: the key to investigative journalism is passion

Is investigative journalism giving up on newspapers? "No!," stressed Aroon Purie, the founding chairman and editor-in-chief of the India Today Group.

Purie, a well known journalist in India, spoke earlier this afternoon on a panel discussing the abandonment of investigative journalism in newspapers.

"You need smart Journalists, determined journalists, people who have a passion for this," Purie explained.

Purie told the listeners that as an investigative journalist, your best tool is a reputation, something he calls "green-house journalism," or the planting of stories. "I find if you build a reputation, more people give you stories and tips," Purie went on saying. "In today's environment, its a matter of survival."

Later, in reference to an earlier post, Purie told the forum that he suspects that in the future, news will be a commodity and that newspapers will be entirely premium content. "It's going to be content that the readers don't know and can't find anywhere else," he expressed.

It's this premium content that gives Purie his optimistic outlook for investigative journalism in newspapers.



Daniel Dressler


2009-12-03 11:13

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