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Sat - 16.12.2017

50 newspapers withdraw AP cancellation notices

50 newspapers withdraw AP cancellation notices

The Associated Press has announced that some 50 newspapers who had previously given notice of cancellation to the service, have changed their minds and withdrawn those notices in the last few months.

In a statement to Editor and Publisher, AP's director of media relations, Paul Colford said: "We are pleased and gratified by these members' decisions."

"The Associated Press, the gold standard for breaking news, has been working with all members of the cooperative to determine their needs and to ensure that the AP news report retains its value to them and their readers."

About 130 other newspapers are pending cancellation with the news wire, which requires a two year notice period before official cancellation takes effect.

The news comes following the decision of all Tribune Co. newspapers to trial reporting without the aide of AP sources for a week. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankrupcy in December last year, and has since been looking for ways to cut back on costs.

Tribune newspapers announced they would utilize as little AP content as practical for a week starting Nov 8, instead trying to replace it with stories selected from other sources, to see if the expensive subscription to the wire service could be cut out of their news diet altogether.

The AP reported that at its last annual meeting in April, it was established that 180 newspapers, or 14% of the AP's U.S. newspaper membership, had threatened to drop the service.

In response to the large number the news service announced $35 million in rate reductions for member newspapers in April, trying to lure back its financially-challenged members.

New York Daily News and the 18-daily Heartland Publications chain are among the 50 papers rescinding their cancellations, though AP declined to provide an entire list of the newspapers. AP officials told Editor and Publisher that they were hopeful more would rescind soon.

"Many papers regularly examine all their news sources. We think that's a healthy thing," Sue Cross, AP's senior vice president for Media Markets, Americas, said in a statement.

"We'll keep working, constantly, to be valuable as a core resource. We do expect some may leave if they go all-local or because of other business changes, but we believe the cooperative newsgathering and AP's credibility in news sourcing remain vital to most. We're seeing many members that were under notice reaffirm their membership in the cooperative."

Source: Editor and Publisher



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