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Fri - 19.01.2018

elmundo.es launches Americas edition

elmundo.es launches Americas edition

ELMUNDO.es announced the creation of a another edition of its website last week, to include a new focus on news from the 'Americas'. The decision coincides with the 20th anniversary of the newpaper founded by Pedro J. Ramírez in 1989 and comes following data that reveals a wide redearship base in Latin America.

In the month of September, the website received a record 24 million unique visitors, according to online traffic analyst comScore. Of these, comScore attributed 4.5 million to unique visitors from Latin America, only just under the 4.9 million of popular Argentine daily, Clarín.

This statistic, which ranks ELMUNDO.es the second most viewed news website in Latin America, has prompted the news publication part of the Grupo Unidad Editorial to offer more editorial space to covering Latin American issues.

ELMUNDO.es América's online portal is divided into seven sections : North America, Central America, the Carribbean, South America, Sport, Economy and People. Each country within these regions also has an exclusive page where stories relevent to that country can be found.

'Whether it be a shooting in a favela in Rio, or elections in Uruguay, or the spying of Garcia Marquez, or living on the border between Mexico and the United States... Nothing is left out and all issues will be addressed from absolute objectivity in a particularly sensitive and politically objective way,' reports the website of its own new edition.

Latin American sport will be an especially important section in the new edition. Local games, particularly football, raise feverent passions and there still remain some World Cup qualifying matches as well as ongoing local championships. ELMUNDO.es is tapping into this, recognising that even reporting on European championships is of interest in the Americas, as several of the big stars- Messi (Argentine), Forlán (Uruguayan), Agüero (Argentine) to name a few- have their origins there and have many local followers.

Alongside sport, El Mundo's America website will also invest in opinion, with the creation of five new blogs. '90 millas' <'90 miles'> will have journalists in both Havana and Miami to keep Latin America in touch with Latino USA and offer a forum for critical discussion. Víctor Sandoval will analyse social life in 'Farándula' <'Showbizz'>, while Jesús Huarte will similary look at the rich and famous in 'Alfombra roja' <'Red Carpet'>, focusing on the stars of the big screen. 'De Chilena' will analyse American sport and Carlos Fresneda will have his own space for rants in 'On the Green Road'.

El Mundo's decision to expand its focus to include Latin America and consequently expand its readership, comes at a time when many news publishers in both online and print are searching for new methods to create profit. Simply making your product more available to wider audience, as El Mundo has done, is one approach. The New York Times has gone down a similar path, when earlier this month it launched its 'Bay Area Report'. The report, a twice weekly, two-page spread offering local coverage from the Bay Area, was designed to boost readership in the area and pave the way for a potential entire San Francisco edition.

Source : Infoperiodistas



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