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Fri - 22.09.2017

News Corp looking at 'bundling' its paid online content

News Corp looking at 'bundling' its paid online content

News Corp chief digital officer Jonathan Miller has said the company is looking into bundling its online content when it adopts a new pay model, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He also expressed his belief that paid online news is the future and indicated that the media conglomerate is willing to lead a push for change.

Miller, speaking at the Hollywood Reporter's Digital Power event in New York, explained that "we want to see a model established" for charging online, adding that "what works for consumers, I think - and this has to be tested - are bundles." He suggested that News Corp's various papers or various New York media outlets could be bundled. It is an idea which has proved successful for cable TV channels and which many believe could also work for news, as an alternative to individual subscriptions to general news sites, which largely failed. It is one of the options proposed by start-up company Journalism Online.

Miller also showed support for mobile news and pointed to the popularity of iPhone applications, which he sees as "the beginning of a very strong app economy." He confirmed that News Corp is looking at working with hardware partners to develop a new device for digital media content, but did not provide further details on the potential device. News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch has mentioned before that the company was investing in a large screen e-reader but again, no clear details emerged. Amazon just released the Kindle DX, a device with a larger screen more suited to reading newspaper content, and Plastic Logic plans to put its similar product on the market early next year.

News Corp does indeed seem to be leading the way on the path to charging online. Murdoch, who clearly believes in a digital future for newspapers, announced last month that he intends for all the company's papers to charge within a year, and one of its UK papers, the Sunday Times, already seems to be looking into doing so. Amongst the conglomerate's portfolio is the Wall Street Journal, which has successfully charged for some content on its more specialised website for some time. If News Corp succeeds, and others follow, could such a move turn suffering newspapers' fortunes around?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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2009-06-03 18:02

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